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Phulkari Jacket

The vivid colors of the Phulkari jackets look alluring on you. You can flaunt the brightly embroidered jackets at weddings, birthdays and other festive events. They can come with Chinese collars and threads at the chest for fastening them in the front. Most of them have V-necks. Some of the jackets that are designed for women can come in small sizes to fit the bust area only. The longer jackets look extravagant and luxurious. Colorful tassels enhance the beauty of the jackets that have their origins in Punjab, India.

Phulkari Jackets for Men

Phulkari Jacket

Phulkari Jacket for Men

Phulkari Jacket Mens

Phulkari Jacket Photos

Phulkari Jacket Pictures

Phulkari Jackets for Women

Phulkari Jacket Images

Phulkari Jackets for Womens

Phulkari Long Jacket

Phulkari Short Jackets

Women Phulkari Jacket

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